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Icosphere base shape is icosahedron (polyhedron – a solid figure with many plane faces, typically more than six). At second subdivision level we get icosphere. Sometimes called also math object or geodesic dome (Geodesic Icosahedron Dome L2).

3D model



IcoSphere 3D model mesh created with triangular planes, balls at frame connections and tubes for frame main skeleton.

Balls, tubes and triangle planes are as 3 separate objects. Tubes are scalable along normals. In this way you can modify diameter of tubes for your suit. Same for balls and triangles. Triangle extrusion would result very interisting shapes!

Model available as .3DS, .OBJ, .DAE, .STL, .BLEND, .DWG, .DXF, .WRL (VRML2) files. OBJ file import are verified with Lightwave and 3ds max. 3DS file verified in Lightwave, 3ds max. DAE imported in Sketchup 7.1 and 8. Dxf import tested in Revit and DraftSight.
These file formats will provide you with possibility to import and open icosphere 3D model in all popular 3D modeling, animation, gaming or 3D printing softwares.


Model format is suited for 3D printing. Model download available also as STL – *ready for 3D Printing. *Some optimization or addaption may be requested, depending on 3D Printer requrements.
IcoSphere 3D model modeled with 3D software and rendered with interanal renderer using HDR background lighting. *Your render result might differ from screenshots showed here. It will depend on your 3D scene lighting setup.


Nice looking alignment. Use symmetric view or find an angle that fits your need.



Possibilities of materials. Change group or single element material to fit your scene.



Integration possibilities using alpha channel.
Set up transparency and save image as .PNG.



Perspective view of decor or HD render or digital print. You choose it!


3D printed

Lots of variations and opportunities to use our models and 3d print them real.



Multiple sphere and ball modifications available. More fun for every taste!


Buy 3D model!

3D formats: .3DS, .OBJ, .DAE, .STL, .BLEND, .DWG, .DXF, .WRL (VRML2).
Download contains all these formats as .ZIP archive.
Instant download link after purchase!

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Other models

Here you will find modified icospheres, polyhedrons, geodesic domes and other 3d mesh shapes.

Virtual model

Virtual models bellow present models that are included in download package!

Try Before Buy! Models are interactive

Take a closer look and rotate 3D model yourself!

Separate frame -that`s totaly another experience!

Icosphere rectangular frame

Dodecahedron star

Dodecahedron Deco Single

Honeycomb Sphere – Icosahedron Decor Ball

Icosphere decor segments

Icosphere triangles

Dodecahedron Deco Shop Model

Beveled Cube Wireframe

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