3D printing services

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3D printing has become very popular in last years. No doubt that today we have available many 3D printer types and materials for any need. To get best results for our 3D printed models we need to understand these materials and requirements that come together. Although we have so many 3D printers and 3D printing services available in almost any … Read More

Rectangular frame and dome

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We are happy to add new modification of icosphere model! This time frame is rectangular shaped. New model also have four available objects and all included in download file for one price! These objects are – frame with closed triangles, half ball (dome) with closed triangles, frame and half frame. New model available on our Shop page. Enjoy and let … Read More

Welcome to Icosphere 3D


icosphere dome model colors

Hello and welcome to Icosphere3d.com. Thank you for visiting us! Icosphere model were created as an experiment in 3d modeling software. It turned out a bit tricky to model shape like icosphere for a regular modeler like I was long time ago. I decided to publish model on this site for people who are searching this kind of model to … Read More