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icosphere dome model colors

Hello and welcome to Icosphere3d.com. Thank you for visiting us!

Icosphere model were created as an experiment in 3d modeling software. It turned out a bit tricky to model shape like icosphere for a regular modeler like I was long time ago. I decided to publish model on this site for people who are searching this kind of model to be easy available on web. We are planning to place more icospheres, geodesic domes, polyhedrons and similar math objects. We will try to keep website simple and close related to icosphere shape and form in our comprehension. Website will have some modified variations some more artificial and abstract models as well.

Over the years we have found wide application of icosphere ball and it`s kind shape in many industries like design, home interior decoration, premium designs by famous designers, furnishers, architects, virtual reality simulations and many more.

The shape itself has something intriguing in it and I never get tired of it! That`s why we love icosphere!

Enjoy our 3D models and join the journey with IcoSphere3d.com!