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3D printing has become very popular in last years. No doubt that today we have available many 3D printer types and materials for any need. To get best results for our 3D printed models we need to understand these materials and requirements that come together.

Although we have so many 3D printers and 3D printing services available in almost any city we found that some international services are very handy and even turns out for better prices after shipping.

These 3D printing services have very advanced systems to help us understand materials, application, limitations and more. Good service offer also online tools to check our models and calculates price after uploading model and selecting material.

Depending on your location you might want to check great service located in Europe called Sculpteo. Sculpteo has some very well organized site and they offer also laser cutting. In between all great stuff like analyze and repair they have consultation services as well.

Another 3D printing service are probably best known Shapeways. Shapeways are not only great 3D printing service including all needed tools when model is uploaded but it also has large marketplace of models selling. Shapeways also have ability to print metals and other modern materials and most sophisticated shapes like interlocking parts. They are located in USA and thus has fast shipping time if your business are located there.

Test yourself these services and we are sure you will find these useful either as service or as a great learning place.

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